Betting broker

Betting brokers

If you have been in the betting world for a long time then you must know that opening accounts can be something difficult to deal with. So brokers, also known as betting agents, open betting accounts for both beginners and professional bettors from all around the world who, for some reason, don’t want to deal directly with the bookmakers or can’t. They are the right choice to protect your information and enjoy the betting in the hands of the very best. If you want to open a betting account with an agent, we have the best betting agents for you below:


With more than 10 years of experience, they managed to proudly claim for themselves the title of the best betting agent for Asian bookmakers. They have conquered this title by offering top quality services to beginners and professionals alike, from all around the world, and making sure that customer service is one of their focal points. They offer great features to help streamline the betting experience, as their best betting software in the market – VIP service, where you have access to multiple choice of some of the best Asian bookmakers like Sbobet, Pinnacle and more in just one account. Also, their Skype betting service, where you can bet at the highest stakes even in smaller leagues and get the best odds for all your bets and, the best is, no void bets.


It is also a huge and noteworthy agent in the sports betting world, they are known for providing original accounts for the bookies that are part of the world’s biggest ones like Betfair, Bet365, Pinnacle, and many more. This, coupled with the fact that they always do their best to help their clients open their accounts, helped them to gain their title as the best betting broker to get original betting accounts. They are the agent who ends all the limitations that players have been dealing with. You can start opening an account without worrying if you are restricted or not.


This is an Asian betting broker that provides accounts with top rated Asian bookmakers, they also offer a multi-account betting software very similar to VIP-IBC, which is considered to be the best betting software in the market. For experienced punters they offer a discreet service allowing their clients to have multiple betting accounts while giving them the freedom to move their funds between them with ease.


If you want to start your betting career with the least amount of headaches possible or simply to take your betting strategy to the next level, check out the amazing agents listed above and enjoy all the amazing advantages they have to offer.

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