BET-IBC - The best betting agent

The best betting agent

With more than a decade of experience providing top quality service to professional bettors from all around the world, BET-IBC has, without a doubt, solidified its position as the best betting agent for Asian bookmakers in the market. They offer various unique advantages to their clients, one of which is their VIP service, where you can have access to more than 10 top rated bookmakers with a single account. Both newbies and high rollers looking for higher limits and odds can benefit from using this service.

Their website has a nice and clean interface, it is optimized for mobile devices, available in 31 different languages and includes various useful tools, such as an Odds Converter, several calculators, and many tutorials on various topics. BET-IBC also offers a couple more services that are worth mentioning, like inter-bookmaker transfers, for example, not many brokers offer the opportunity to transfer funds between bookmakers as BET-IBC does, and this can be quite handy for bankroll management.

One of their star services, the VIP-IBC platform, is considered the best betting platform for multiple bookmakers available in the market and it allows players to place wagers with multiple bookmakers using a single account. In the VIP-IBC betslip, you can see the odds from various bookmakers at the same time, so you can always choose the best one for the result you want. This is a betting platform that offers a single-wallet solution for betting at multiple top rated bookmakers, in a wide variety of sports, leagues, and markets.

And if you are a high roller, another great feature that BET-IBC can offer you is the Skype betting, a service made especially for high rollers that allows them to increase the betting limits, with a more personal and human approach, and no void bets!

Customer satisfaction is always vital to BET-IBC, their amazing e-mail, live chat, and Skype customer support service is available in most languages and their support team is very well trained and ready to help with any difficulties you may be facing or just help you in anything related to your account.

If you want to talk with BET-IBC team, you can add them in Skype with the address, talk to them via live chat at, or just send an e-mail to

BET-IBC is one of the biggest betting agents in the market, and if you want to enjoy all the advantages they have to offer, you can register for the best betting agent, and start betting with one of the most respected brokers in the market.

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