The VIP-IBC service offered by BET-IBC is the best betting software in the market right now, designed specifically to allow its users to place bets at multiple top-ranked bookies with a single account; this way, their clients don’t need to go from bookmaker to bookmaker and login in order to bet. This platform also offers higher stakes and better odds to its customers.
While other bookmakers may limit their players’ stakes, VIP-IBC allows you to place wagers at higher stakes than those found in regular bookies. As for odds, one of the things that makes this platform so good and innovative is that it displays the odds side-by-side so players can compare the odds and always choose the ones that will bring them the most profit.
VIP-IBC Features:
1. Equivalent bets: With this feature, the system automatically looks for different bets with the same result.
2. Future fulfillment option: This option allows players to schedule bets so they are placed once they are available in the market;
3. Placing offers on exchanges: This option allows the players to place new offers on the platform if they are not available;
4. Skype Brokerage: This is the newest addition to VIP-IBC, this option allows players to contact bookies directly in order to choose better odds at even higher limits.
Besides these features, VIP-IBC also counts with markets and odds from 11 top-rated bookies. Among them, you will find Sbobet, Pinnacle, PS3838, Maxbet, Betfair, Matchbook, Betdaq, Singbet, BetISN, 18bet, and Ga288. As for sports, they have a variety of them to choose from: soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, rugby, ice hockey, cricket, American football, boxing, and MMA, accompanied by various different types of bets. You can check more by reading the benefits of using betting software.
And for those who use some kind of betting software, VIP-IBC offers access to its API so users are able to see and get odds in real-time with a one-time fee. And for existing customers, VIP-IBC has the affiliate program that rewards them for bringing new customers.

All in all, VIP-IBC is one of the best betting software for arbers, high rollers and professional bettors with its many customizable features. The have the highest betting limits and odds, a great choice of Asian bookmakers, a wide range of betting markets, odds displayed side-by-side, a friendly and easy to use interface and many customizable betting features. With all these features it is easy to see why VIP-IBC is considered to be the best betting platform in the market.

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