What Are Bookmakers?

Bookmakers OR BOOKIES

Bookmakers at work

Bookmakers, or bookies, are organizations in the gambling business, they offer the markets, sports, and odds to professional and amateur bettors from all around the world, and make their bread on commissions, bets, and margin on placed bets. So, finding the best bookmakers for your betting strategy is a must for every punter.

If you don’t want to deal with them directly for one reason or another, you can always register for an account via betting agent , they will deal with the bookies for you, take care of your transfers, and give you a more streamlined betting experience.

Bookmakers can be either sportsbooks or exchanges:


In sportsbooks you bet against the house, that is the bookmaker itself, and you can only back, the odds are decided by the bookie, as well as the minimum stakes. Some examples of notable sportsbooks are PS3838 (former Pinnacle) famous for having the lowest margin on the market, and Sbobet, who is one of the most popular Asian bookmakers.


In betting exchanges you can both back and lay bets, which means that the players bet against each other, and they can decide the stakes and the odds. Some examples of noteworthy betting exchanges are Betfair, probably the most famous and most wanted betting exchange, where you can bet on nearly anything, and Matchbook, which is always expanding and surprising with bigger volumes and new markets.

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