Barcelona says they will reduce the player salaries to minimize the economic impact that coronavirus caused.

Barcelona has announced that their players and staff will have to take temporary salary cuts. Because the club struggles with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. La Liga will not continue until further notice. Officials have said on Monday that the league would only resume if the government would confirm that it would be safe to do so.

Spain has become one of the countries which COVID-19 affected the most in Europe. According to the Spanish Health Ministry, there have been 56,188 cases recorded and at least 4,089 deaths. The rising cases put the healthcare system under massive strain. While bettors will miss La Liga in this period, they can still find a bunch of leagues that are still going. Therefore, don’t wait too much and register for the best betting software to bet on those matches. Even if your favorite team Barça will not play any games soon, you can find something to enjoy your quarantine days.

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Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus on Barcelona’s revenue streams, the club says they will “implement a series of measures to mitigate its effects and reduce the economic effects.” That included reducing player salaries and shortened working days.

Club’s further statement:

“Among the measures adopted, those related to the workplace are motivated by the need to adapt the club’s contractual obligations with its staff to the new and temporary circumstances that we are experiencing” the club administration indicated in a statement.

“This involves the presentation of different cases concerning football and other professional sports. The club took necessary precautions for the other non-sporting personnel.

“The club wishes to implement these measures in scrupulous observance of formal labor regulations. Under the criteria of proportionality, and above all fairness, and with the sole objective of resuming the club’s activities as soon as possible.”

Barcelona also put forward the ways for how the club will help the local area during the outbreak. These ways included making club premises available to Catalonia’s Ministry of Health. Moreover, the club will launch an initiative to contact all of its members over the age of 80. They will support them during the isolation time at home and offer the Barça Innovation Hub to research centers.

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