After WHO declared Covid-19 (coronavirus) as a pandemic, we have seen that sports events around the world have been suspended one by one. NBA was one of the first major sports associations to go one step further from games without fans and decide on the suspension of the regular season until further notice.

There are now 186,689 Coronavirus cases and 7,471 deaths in the world according to Worldometers, a site provides real-time world statistics on Covid-19. 162 countries are reported to have at least one coronavirus case. Of course, this affected the sports world deeply as the outbreak puts everyone in great danger. That’s why all British major football tournaments, UEFA tournaments, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Austrian, Japanese, Sweden, Danish, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, South Korean football leagues, major sports events in the USA, Golf’s Masters, The London Marathon, Formula 1, Formula E, Test cricket series, Cycling’s Giro d’Italia and many other events are postponed or canceled.

Suspended leagues due to Coronavirus

Which leagues are still going on?

As most of the soccer leagues have been suspended, bettors are looking for leagues that have not been suspended yet. We are in the belief that all leagues/tournaments should be called off until the outbreak is taken under control; however, apparently, some governments and football federations do not share the same opinion with us. As of today, Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Guatemala, Honduras, Nigeria, Singapore, Turkey, and Ukraine have not postponed their local leagues yet. If you are staying at your home and looking for some leisure time activities, you can take a look at these soccer leagues and place your bets at the best betting software with the highest odds possible. Most of the bookmakers do not cover these leagues; however, the betting platform for multiple bookmakers, VIP-IBC does offer the opportunity to bet on the smaller leagues.