As it was described in our previous post, this World Cup has surprised everyone with the most unexpected outcomes. Now, we have that the former Champion of this tournament is out of the World Cup after losing to South Korea in the group stage. Germany was one of the favorite squad to win this tournament but they won’t be able to do it, not this time. We believe many bettors have lost money since even the best betting tipsters, have predicted that Germany would win. However, since the beginning of the tournament, when they lost to Mexico, we have seen a very different Germany than that strong squad we saw 4 years ago at Brazil 2014.

However, this has happened before to other World Cup Champions, some people call this “the curse of the world champion”, what is this? It is the belief that the World Cup Champion loses in the group stage. It has already happened to Italy, France, and Spain. All of them won the Cup and were crashed out of the tournament in the group stage.

A curious fact here is that especially for Germany this defeat is historical because they have NEVER lost in the group stage before.

What we find good here is that we all are enjoying very exciting matches, very good football where any outcome is possible. We have lost this bet, but we will keep on betting hoping to win next time. You can Open an account via betting agent and get ready to win.