T1, formerly known as SK Telecom t1, managed to advance to the LCK Spring Finals after their 3-1 victory over DragonX. They will now play against Gen.G in the Summoner’s Rift to win it all. Arguably Gen.G is a much better team compared DragonX as the league standings point out. For those who don’t know how dominant Gen.G was in the regular season, they finished the league in the first place and secured their spot in the finals without playing in a single game. The LCK Spring Playoffs Finals will be played on April, 25th. If you are looking for a place to bet on League of Legends, register for the best betting software, VIP-IBC. VIP-IBC has recently started to offer the eSports market and it has already made a name for its high odds and limits.

T1 versus DragonX

T1, one of the most successful teams in eSports history, has proved why they are the best to ever do it once again after dismantling DragonX. To be honest, after T1 lost their star top-laner and jungler and had an unstable regular season, no one expecting them to be this superior against DrangonX who finished the regular season in the 3rd place although they had the same record with T1. However, the replacements of T1’s star players seem to have been doing their jobs almost as well as their predecessors. Despite being a rookie, the top-laner Canna was one of the fundamentals parts of T1’s squad who almost clean-swept DragonX. Cuzz, the new jungler, played also equally well and fulfilled the expectations of the community. The 20-year-old Korean eSports player have been playing League of Legends professionally since 2016.

The series ended with a noticeable T1 dominance. DragonX managed to defeat their opponents only once. It was the third game of the series. Even though that victory gave them some glimpses of hope, the possibility of the reverse sweep was highly unlikely. As expected, T1 did not let this series go any longer and won the 4th match of the series. Faker, the world’s most famous and best LoL player of all time to some, advanced to the finals once again. We will see if he can add another title to his resume this Saturday.

LCK Spring Playoffs Finals

Bet on LCK Spring FinalsAs we mentioned before, the finals will be between T1 and Gen.G. Both teams have had a remarkable season. It was Gen.G who finished in the first place although T1 defeated them twice during the regular season. However, Gen.G had a pretty long period of training and undoubtedly they studied their lesson. All in all, the finals will be as exciting as ever. If you want to take the suspense to the next level and place your wager on one of these teams, we advise you to take a look at the best betting software. You will not be disappointed.