We have received many comments from bettors that want to open an account via betting agent. Theerefore, we found important to recommend some good options.

First, it is important to describe what an agent is. Basically, a betting agent works as an intermediary between the player and the bookmaker. But why do bettors need a betting agent? There are many reasons, but the number 1 is that they want to open betting accounts on bookmakers that are restricted in their countries of residence. Therefore, they look for a trusted broker to open these accounts. Also, punters look for betting agents when they are winners. Yes! Bookmakers do not like winners, especially if they are high rollers, the reason is pretty obvious: if players win, the bookmakers lose. Indeed, bookmakers blacklist and restrict these people often, but via a betting agent, they can bet on them.

But, which agents can I trust?

BET-IBC: this is one of the most important betting agents worldwide. They offer a huge range of payment methods, they have support available 24/7 and they offer the best Asian bookmakers via betting agent, such as Pinnacle, Betfair, Sbobet, Orbit Exchange, 9wickets, Maxbet, Matchbook, and many others.

ACC-EX: It is a very trusted service focused on opening betting accounts on Betfair, Bet365, Pinnacle, and Matchbook, among others upon request.

Take into account that Sentomano only recommends the best!