Betfair Review

Hard facts about Betfair

Betfair is the biggest online betting exchange in the world. This betting exchange is the most solicited by players all over the world. Any professional punter should aspire to open an account at this bookie as it offers very high limits, favourable odds and many betting markets. Not forgetting that it also offers a Sportsbook, online casino, online poker and online bingo.

It was founded in the year 2000 and it is owned by Flutter Entertainment. In 2011, it became regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. And in 2012, it launched its Sportsbook so as to compete with other traditional bookies. So Betfair covers a very large portion of the online betting market and because of its restrictions, we advise you to open original Betfair account via betting agent.

Main Features of Betfair

Betfair has some unique features which ranks them at the top, among the most popular bookies. The features include;
• offers both a Betting Exchange and a Sportsbook,
• offers very high limits and favourable odds;
• has a multitude of betting markets;
• offers a wide variety of sports and games;
• has a ‘Cash Out’ function that allows the player to lock-in a profit (or loss) before the end of an event;
• has a ‘Keep Bet’ function that allows an unmatched bet to persist even when other unmatched bets are cancelled at the beginning of an event;
• offers the possibility to “back” and “lay” bets;
• has a Premium Charge that winning players have to pay when their accounts are in profit constantly, bet in more than 250 markets and when their commission charges are less than 20% of their gross profit;
• has a wide range of sports including Horse racing, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, MMA, Virtual sports and many more.
• online casino, Poker, and Bingo;
• In-play betting;
• supports trading software that helps the player to automate his betting strategies. The most popular ones include BetAngel, BetEngine, GeeksToy, and BfBotManager;
• has a mobile app compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry and is also mobile-friendly;


With all these features listed above, we can clearly see why Betfair is one of the most popular bookmakers. It is mostly solicited for its exchange which is simply the best worldwide. Betfair’s odds have proven to be 20% better than at other bookmakers which makes them very favourable. However, check out the betting broker for restricted countries to get more insights on how agents can help you get original accounts even from restricted countries. If you are a professional bettor, do not hesitate to try this bookmaker out!

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