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Without a doubt, choosing the right partners to work with is one of the most important aspects of the betting life, and we want to help you with that! Here at Sentomano, we are a team of experts on the gambling field and we are always looking to do our best to provide our guests with all the information they may need to make informed decisions regarding who they will choose as partners in their journey into the world of gambling. We collaborate with each other and use our extensive experience to review and analyze the top-rated bookmakers and betting agents available in the market, from around the world and, present you with a detailed summary of each one of them so that you can make well-informed decisions, after all, knowledge is power and we want you to have that power as well. We hope you find our information useful, good luck and enjoy your betting experience!


  • They are licensed and regulated in the European Union.
  • They have been around since 2007 constantly upgrading their services to online customers.
  • They can provide Sbobet, Pinnacle Sports / PS3838, Matchbook, Betisn, and Orbitx accounts to their customers.
  • They offer a fast, professional and dedicated customer support.
  • They offer a VIP platform for high-stakes players and those who want to bet fast and at many bookmakers simultaneously through a single account.
  • They can assure fast deposits and withdrawals with the maximum of security for your money.
  • They can guarantee the safety of your personal information.
  • They have thousands of satisfied customers.

BET-IBC, the best betting agent

There are many betting brokers right out there, but the question is; Is there any good betting broker? A broker that you can trust and be sure that it will not disappear one day as we faced some examples of it in the past? If you think that it is not possible, then I can say that you never heard about the best betting agent: BET-IBC. It’s a well-established and well-respected brand that has been offering service for over 10 years. It is the most reliable betting agency with the best quality service.


BET-IBC has been in the betting industry since 2007. They have always been the place that everyone needs to register to some of the best bookmakers in the betting industry with a growing variety of sportsbooks and exchanges. Their website can be used in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, and Turkish. You can find betting news, a list of currently available bookmakers where you can open accounts via betting agent, bookmaker reviews and a set of instructions on how to use their services. You can also find tips for upcoming events and useful tools like odds converter and it is offered to anyone, not only for their members. Through BET-IBC, you can currently open accounts at sportsbooks like BetISN, Sbobet, Pinnacle Sports (PS3838), and their very own service: VIP-IBC, an amazing tool which is considered by many as the best betting platform. For those who prefer an exchange, the platform offers Matchbook, Betfair, and Orbit Exchange. In addition to their services for opening accounts at the best bookies in the betting industry, they also offer:

– The professional customer support which is also offered in various languages, 7/24
– Payment options that, at least one of them, will surely serve your interests
– Fast and easy registration process

About VIP-IBC platform:

The VIP platform is a unique software that enables you to bet on multiple bookmakers with just one account. It is BET-IBC’s own betting platform and has many amazing features; it offers you higher limits and odds and gives you access to ten of the highest-rated bookmakers in the market with a single account, greatly streamlining the betting process. It also lets you easily compare the odds these bookmakers offer, so you can always choose the best deal for your bet.

The VIP platform from BET-IBC is an amazing boom for the betting strategy of beginners and professionals alike, and, so, if you want to benefit from some of the best odds and highest limits on the market, the best option for you is to choose the VIP platform that BET-IBC, the best betting agent, offers and enjoy a revamped betting strategy!

Advantages of a Multiple Bookmaker Platform

Multiple bookmaker platforms are making bettors’ lives are easier. With an easy-to-use interface, bettors are provided more than 10 bookmakers in only one account on these platforms. We have already mentioned this feature above but it is a feature worth mentioning twice. If you wonder what are the other benefits of a multiple bookmaker platform like VIP-IBC, here you have them:

  • You will always have the chance to access the best odds thanks to it’s being a multiple bookmaker platform.
  • You will be surrounded with the widest betting portfolio, meaning that an extensive list of markets will be provided for you.
  • Multiple bookmaker platforms are high-roller friendly. You will be betting with the highest stakes and limits.
  • You will save lots of time if you’re a proffessional bettor. VIP-IBC allows you to compare odds from more than 10 bookies in the same tab.
  • You can use API if you want to get odds in real-time. This is truely a remarkable feature for those who want to take betting seriously.
  • The interface of VIP-IBC is totally customizable. Customers are allowed to choose which betting markets or bookmakers they want to see in their platform.
  • Furthermore, there is now a new feature called Skype Brokerage in the VIP-IBC platform, via which bettors will no longer have to worry about void bets.
  • Last but not least, the multiple bookmaker platform, VIP-IBC has reasonable commissions. Just a 0.75% commission is applied on your turnover.

The services of Sentomano

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