This World Cup has been full of surprises. The favorite teams have not been able to win nor to score as many goals as it was expected by all fans and bettors. These first days of the World Cup 2018, we have seen “weak teams” winning against all odds. The most popular bookmakers are happy with this results, since bettors are placing bets and losing money.
Some people argue that football has evolved, and now we cannot say that a team is going to win just based on its historical hierarchy.

Technology has helped coaches and players to understand better its opponents. By watching videos of previous matches, for example, football players can see other players’ weak point and also mistakes made by themselves. Besides, on internet, they can easily find statistics of goals of each player, which team is strong as a visitor and which teams are not, and many other details that can help to plan a strategy in order to win.

Professional bettors and the best betting tipsters also analyze all these factors in order to predict which team is likely to win, but this time we can see some non-expected results: ; Brazil- Switzerland, which ended in a draw; Japan won against one of the strongest teams in South America: Colombia; Iceland, during its first time in a World Cup, managed to achieve a draw against Argentina. And what we cannot forget is Mexico won against the World Cup 2014 winner: Germany.

So now, which team do you think will win?